About Us

Pacific Agricultural Sales & Services is a local, family owned company that has serviced the islands for over 25 years.  We are a distributor of agricultural, turf, nursery as well as home and garden products.  Pacific Agricultural is an innovative, solution-based company that thrives on helping customers grow their business.  As a Hawaii based company, we are constantly looking for products that are effective for the unique requirements here in the islands.   We distribute fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, and growing media as well as landscaping equipment and tools.

Pacific Agricultural Sales & Services has its own branded line of Home & Garden products under the name of Island Supreme.  Island Supreme products include fertilizers, potting soils, plant growth enhancer, coqui frog control, and growing media.  All of these products are designed specifically for Hawaii’s growing conditions, climate, and environmental concerns.  Our products evolve from ideas given by professional growers, local club members as well as from the University of Hawaii.  We are in constant contact with national industry leaders to review new innovations that may have a fit in the islands.

Pacific Agricultural Sales & Services is a young company that cares about what is best for the aina and the generations that call it home.