Island Supreme 13-13-13
Island Supreme 13-13-13 Nutricote Resin-coted controlled release fertilizer
Feeds up to 180 days
Contains 7 minor elements

Island Supreme 9-3-9
Island Supreme 9-3-9 Palm & Tropical Plant Fertilizer
Contains controlled release nitrogen
Contains Humus
Contains 5 minor elements

Island Supreme 3-12-12
Island Supreme 3-12-12 Bougainvillea & Hibiscus Fertilizer
Excellent for acid loving plants
Contains Humus
Contains 4 minor elements

Mondo Grass Fertilizer
Island Supreme 5-3-1 Mondo Grass Fertilizer
Also aids in breaking up compacted soil
Contains 3 minor elements
Contains Humus

All Purpose Potting Soil
Island Supreme All Purpose Potting Soil
Contains Canadian sphagnum peat moss, earthworm casting, compost, and pumice
Provides moisture retention as well as good drainage.

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