Island Supreme 16-16-16
Island Supreme 16-16-16 +Minors Growth Formulation
An all-purpose fertilizer formulated for vegetables gardens, flower beds, shrubs, trees, and lawns.
High NPK for complete feeding.
Contains 7 minor elements

Island Supreme 8-8-8
Island Supreme 8-8-8 Anthurium / Orchid Formulation
Apply during orchid's growth period
Contains slow release nitrogen, Nutralene
Includes humus and beneficial soil bacterial stimulant

Island Supreme 10-20-20
Island Supreme 10-20-20 +Minors Fruit & Flower Formulation
Improves fruit and vegetable production. 
High phosphorus & potash helps grow strong roots and helps plants resist disease.  
Contains 7 minor elements

Island Supreme 16-4-4
Island Supreme 16-4-4 +Minors Lawn Fertilizer
Created for use on all lawn types.
Formulation promotes a thick, green, sturdy lawn.
Contains 8 minor elements

Island Supreme 21-0-0
Island Supreme 21-0-0 Fast Greening Fertilizer
For use on all types of lawns & green leafy plants.  
A high nitrogen fertilizer for rapid growth and rich green color.  
Contains Sulfur


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